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How long does it take to dry clothes in the dryer?

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How much can the drum dryer temperature reach? In the rainy season, clothes are often wet. To solve this problem, a dryer is needed.

 How much temperature does the clothes dryer have? How long does it take for the dryer to dry the clothes? How can the dryer be used to quickly dry the clothes? Let's take a look at the dry goods knowledge about the dryer. Clothes dryer temperature The average dryer is a constant 50 degrees.

Smart dryers are different. Generally speaking, the maximum temperature of the dryer is about 75 degrees. It will not burn the clothes. This temperature is just right. Generally, it will not be said to increase the temperature deliberately. Otherwise, it is easy to destroy the clothes. The internal temperature of the dryer is kept at about 50 degrees during normal operation.

The drying time is about 0.5 to 1 hour. In accordance with the needs of the season, the drying is carried out in autumn and winter and spring and summer. The self-setting time is set within 120 minutes. The maximum temperature of the dryer in the autumn and winter is up to 80 degrees, which can completely eliminate the bacteria and mites in the bedding. The dryer spring and summer air supply function can drive off the remaining hot air after drying the bedding.

How long does it take to dry clothes in the dryer? Drying clothes usually take 40-50 minutes. Different products have different functions and different functions.

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